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Uncyc 2.0:Administrators' noticeboard

Welcome to the Administrators' Noticeboard, the administrative noticeboard here at Uncyc 2.0. This page is for requesting any administrative actions, such as:

  • page protection
  • undeletion of pages that have been deleted innocently
  • any false reports of the Abuse filter which might disallow your actions
  • revision deletion of problematic revisions
  • banning a user from the chatroom that chat improperly or harassing users there

Any administrator my request these additional actions:

These actions is not requestable here:

  • Any wiki discussion and improvements, do that on the Uncyc 2.0:Community portal
  • Any block requests, go to the Ban Patrol and add some shit there
  • Any requests for removal of permissions, if you want any of your user rights removed (except admin, bureaucrat, interfaceadmin, bot), post a request on an admin's talk page, any requests for removal of your admin flag, bot flag, or interfaceadmin, post request on a bureaucrat's talk page. The bureaucrat flag are only revoked if you contact the staff member.
  • Any deletion requests are made by adding {{delete|REASON}}, or {{speedydelete|REASON}} to the top of the page that needs deletion. Replace "REASON" with the reason why the page needs to be deleted.

While clicking one of the links below, except the link below the others you will get instructions and text preloaded in the textbox you should fill in.