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Uncyc 2.0:Requests for permissions

Welcome to the Requests for permissions page. Here, you can request special permissions to use, such as rollback.


Rights requestable hereEdit

  • Abuse filter editor: Gives access to edit abuse filters and view private abuse filters.
  • Autopatrolled: Gives you access to autopatrol your own edits, skip CAPTCHA, and patrol other's edits.
  • Bot: Users with this right will have their edits hidden by default from Recent Changes, and some more rights.
  • Chat moderator: Allows you to "ban" users from the Chatroom.
  • Confirmed: Gives rights to skip the CAPTCHA while adding links to pages and creating new accounts, and allows editing of semi protected pages.
  • Forum admin: Gives some rights to the WikiForum.
  • Patroller: Allows you to patrol other's edits.
  • Rollbackers: Adds a [rollback] link on the recent changes page, watchlist, page history, user contributions, and diff pages, to easily revert unconsecutive edits.
  • Vandalfighter: Gives rights to block users, delete pages, nuke pages, patrol others' edits, and also the "[rollback]" link to rollback edits.

Rights not requestable hereEdit

Removal of permissionsEdit

If someone abusing the permissions, or you want your permissions removed, please leave a notice on an active admin's talk page, and if the user right cannot be revoked by admins, contact a bureaucrat or staff member instead.


  1. Use the input box below to add a new request.
  2. In the input box, type your username (without the "User" prefix) and click Add request.
  3. Fill in the resulting form. Choose one of the rights above to request.
  4. Save the page.
  5. An administrator or bureaucrat will review the request and will either mark the request as   Done,   Not done, or   Pending. You will be notified on your talk page when th request is done.

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Anonymous users cannot request permissions; if you want to request permissions, please create a named account or log in.

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Example requestEdit

Status:   Pending User: Example (talk | contribs | logs | user rights | edit count | abuse log)

Requested right: [Example]



[✔] I agree with the user rights policy to use these special tools responsbly.

[✔] I agree that if I misuse the tools, my tools will be revoked and I might be blocked without warning here

[✔] I agree that I am entirely responsible for all actions done under this account, including actions performed under this account by someone other than myself.

[✔] (Check only if requesting abuse filter editor) I have understood the syntax with the abuse filters so they works. (See this MediaWiki documentation page)

[✔] (Check only if requesting bot status) I have learned how to use bots.

[✔] (Check only when requesting confirmed) I have not yet been autoconfirmed.

[✔] (Check only if requesting patroller or vandalfighter) I have learnt how I patrol edits and when I should do this.

[✔] (Check only if requesting rollback or vandalfighter) I agree to use the [rollback] tool responsbly. (read when you should use rollback here)

[✔] (Check only if requesting vandalfighter) I have read the Ban Policy and the Deletion Policy.

Psl631 (talk) 08:50, 27 January 2019 (UTC)

(Any users may comment on the request below)